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Yankho C.

Site Passion Center Jali

Age 12

Gender Male

Program Type Champs Mobile

Yankho has cerebral palsy. He does not walk and has trouble speaking. He is hypertonic (meaning that there is too much tone in his muscles), and he spasms and contracts frequently. We are currently working on ways to help break up the muscle tone and get his muscles to relax. He lives with his mother and younger siblings, and he loves it when we come to see him because he loves Coca-Cola!


May Update: Yankho

Published Wed, Jun 09, 21. Written by Holly King.

Yankho has been going to physical therapy for several months, so we checked on how that was going in our recent champs mobile visits in May. Mom reports that she has seen an improvement in the reduction of his spastic muscle movements. This is great news and will help Yankho reach his goal of walking independently.

Champs Celebration Event

Published Sat, May 15, 21. Written by Kristin Sommerville.

In May, we held a Champs celebration event in Malawi for our Champions and their guardians. It was a special day of games, prizes, and even the presentation of a hand-pedal tricycle to one of our Champs! Here is a photo of Yankho at the recent celebration!




Yankho, age 12 (February 2021)