Passion Center for Children

Wycliff S. - Sponsor Now

Wycliff S.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 2

Gender Male

Educational Status Not Enrolled

Young Wycliff and his mother are part of a family of five in the Child-Headed Household program. Their father died in 2016, and their mother in 2018. The house their parents left them collapsed in 2019 due to heavy rains, and the children are temporarily living with their aunt, who has five children of her own. The family struggles to find enough food for themselves, and the little food they get is not balanced and only helps them survive. Because of this, the family is at risk for malnourishment and other health issues. Being in the Passion Center program will help them greatly, not only by providing food to them but also by giving them the hope found in Jesus Christ alone.

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