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Stenard - Sponsor Now


Site Passion Center Jali

Age 7

Gender Male

Program Type Champs Mobile

Disability unknown

Stenard is a 6-year-old boy who is unable to sit without support. Stenard lives with his grandmother and when he first came to Champ’s Mobile, he was only able to creep on his stomach to get around. Now, he is crawling better and sitting upright more. He still needs hand support to sit, but we are seeing progress in this area. During the last visit, we decided that we wanted to free up his hands and took some time to see how we could do this. We noticed that when he is sitting on a seat off the ground and his knees can be at a 90-degree angle, then he was able to sit more independently, and his hands were free to move around. We had a small bench made for him and gave the family exercises for him to do while he was sitting on the small bench.