Passion Center for Children

Shilla - Sponsor Now


Age 14

Gender Female

Program Type Champs Mobile

Shilla cannot walk, stand or sit on her own. Her muscles are hypertonic, so she has to be in a wheelchair and has little control over her movements. She lives with her mother and aunt and thankfully, she does go to school. Her wheelchair is in poor condition so she would greatly benefit from a new chair. A new chair, with adaptive equipment, would help her sit properly, allowing the tone in her muscles to improve and ultimately help her to better control her movements. Shilla is always so happy when the staff comes to visit!


Champs Celebration Event

Published Tue, Jun 15, 21. Written by Kristin Sommerville.

In May, we held a Champs celebration event in Malawi for our Champions and their guardians. It was a special day of games, prizes, and even the presentation of a hand-pedal tricycle to one of our Champs! Here is a photo of Shilla at the recent celebration!