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Shakira M.

Age 3

Gender Female

Shakira has cerebral palsy, which has caused some developmental delays. Her mom shared that she was weak, floppy, and did not cry when she was born, often signs of CP. The doctors put Shakira on oxygen for some time and then sent them home without any further information or explanation of her symptoms. It was not until Shakira was 7 months old that her parents became concerned because she could not hold her head up well and was not sitting yet. They took her back to the hospital, where the doctors told them that Shakira had a disability and needed to go to physical therapy. Her family was only able to take her to physical therapy twice before they realized they could not afford the transportation. The family was advised to do physical therapy at home, and after doing this, Shakira gained head control and can sit. However, she is still not standing nor walking. 

Shakira loves to play with her friends. Her mom says she loves everything, except when people are not treated well. She is sensitive to others' feelings and takes it hard when people speak harshly.

Shakira, age 2 (July 2021)

Shakira and mom. July 2021