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Mayamiko T.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 0

Gender Male

Mayamiko and Yamikani are twins brothers born on August 6, 2021. Due to their mother's physical and mental health, she and her five children are being cared for by her mother, who has no stable source of income. Both twins are currently breastfeeding, but their mother will likely not produce enough breastmilk for both babies. Upon assessment, Mayamiko weighed 1.95kgs, indicating he is severely underweight for his age. Both twins would greatly benefit from formula supplementation.  

September Update: Mayamiko

Published Tue, Oct 12, 21. Written by Beth Emery.

In the month of September, Mayamiko weighed in at 2.9 kgs (6.4 lbs.). This weight puts him in the1st percentile for weight indicating he is severely underweight for his age. Mayamiko’s Grandmother reported has been doing well and was healthy during the month of September.