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Jamilla - Sponsor Now


Age 6

Gender Female

Disability unknown

Jamilla is a 4-year-old that stays with her father. Her mother passed away in April 2019, and her father moved to stay with his brother. His brother's wife was not comfortable staying with them so they moved out and a neighbor let them live in the house for free. The father stated that when Jamilla was born her neck was not functioning, but they visited the witchdoctor and it started working. Then when she began crawling they noticed her left arm and leg were not functioning properly. They hoped that it would get better but after 3 years they thought to go to the hospital, but her mother was pregnant so it was hard for them to go to the hospital. When she had the baby, the baby died and she also died thereafter.  Jamilla doesn’t walk, she moves around by crawling.

Jamilla's father’s wish is to see his daughter walking and be able to go to school. Another concern is that he is not able to go out and find some piecework in order to support the family because most of the time he is busy taking care of Jamilla.  This is a challenge for him, sometimes if he has piecework he carries her to the place where he is working in order to have food.