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Innocent N

Age 10

Gender Male

Program Type Champs Mobile

Disability Epilepsy

Innocent is a 9-year-old boy that lives with his mother. was born a healthy boy, there were no complications during the pregnancy or delivery. He was growing and developing at a normal rate. When he was 4 years old, his mother found him outside, passed out, stiff, and clenching his teeth. He appears to have had a seizure. She took him to the hospital immediately and he was there for 2 weeks before he woke up. Since this time, he has continued to have multiple seizures a day. She attempted to treat the seizures with medication, reporting that he was on the medication for a year without any positive results. Currently, he is not on any treatment. Innocent has suffered severe brain damage, as evidenced by the lack of response to stimuli, not making eye contact and the constant grinding of the teeth.