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Gift G.

Age 12

Gender Male

Educational Status Primary

Trinity Gilbert is a 22-year-old young girl who is the head of a household of 3, namely: Reuben (19 years old), Shakira (11 years old) and, their cousin, Gift (11 years old). Trinity, Reuben and Shakira lost their mother in 2014 to unknown disease when Trinity was in Form 3. Gift’s mother abandoned him when he was young and Trinity took the burden to raise him with her siblings. 


Their father abandoned the children and married another woman and does not come to see them or send any support. This left Trinity with the responsibility of providing for the family. Following this, life became so hard for Trinity and her siblings. Trinity could not find school fees, school uniforms, and other school materials. As a result, she dropped out of school. Her brother, Ruben dropped out of school when he was in Standard 3 to look for piecework to help the family. Shakira is still in Standard 3 but rarely goes to school because of inadequate food and lack of school supplies such as uniforms. Gift, who is also in Standard 3, is HIV positive and he is on ARVs.

Trinity had to take over her mother’s small business in Chinamwali market of cooking nsima for sale to hawkers in the market where she only makes an average of K500 per day (less than $1 a day). With the little money she makes, Trinity buys food for the day.  If there are no sales, then the family would sleep without anything to eat. Trinity explained that she sometimes goes around to look for any piece-works to get money to buy food for the household.

The family does not only struggle to make ends meet, but they also live in a house that is in a bad state and needs repairs. In addition, the house has no kitchen or proper toilet; this poses serious health risks to the family.