Passion Center for Children

Fatima M. - Sponsor Now

Fatima M.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 2

Gender Female

Educational Status Not Enrolled

Fatima's mother is one of three kids in a family who lost their mother around 2008 to an unknown illness, and their father abandoned them. The children survive on piece works and struggle to find food and other basic necessities. This causes untold despair and hopelessness to the family. Enrolling them in the CHH program will allow the family to receive support and love, concentrate on their education, and find true hope only found in Christ.

Fatima, age 2. March 2021

Jenipher, age 18. March 2021

Innocent, age 19. March 2021

Innocencia, age 13. March 2021

Maele Family, from left: Innocencia, Jenipher, and Innocent. March 2021