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Fanny N

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 14

Gender Female

Educational Status Primary

Fanny is a member of the Njera family: Madalitso, Jonathan, and Fanny. The oldest, Madalitso, lost her father in 1996. Her mother remarried and had 2 more children, and then separated from her husband. During that time, their mother got sick and was unable to care for her children so Madalitso had to step in as head of household and take care of her younger siblings. Their mother was sick for 8 years before sadly passing on in 2013. Apart from helping with school materials, food, clothing, and other items, the Passion Center has also built them a house with the help of supporters!

Fanny is the youngest and her favorite subjects are English and math. In her free time, she loves to play with friends. Her favorite food is nsima with meat.

Fanny, age 14 (February 2021)

Fanny, age 14 (February 2021)

sister Madalitso, age 26 (February 2021)

brother Jonathan, age 20 (February 2021)