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Esther N - Sponsor Now

Esther N

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 18

Gender Female

Educational Status Primary

The family has 4 children and the father abandoned the family when the oldest, Nyson, was very young. Unfortunately, the mother died in 2016 and this left Nyson with the responsibility to look after his three siblings: Morris (19 years), Crispin (16 years), and Esther (14 years). 

Before they were admitted into the Passion Program, the family was struggling to find food and other basic necessities. In several instances, Nyson and his siblings dropped from school due to a lack of school fees and education supplies. To make things worse, the family’s house collapsed end last year due to the rains. But with support from the Passion Center program, the family has regular food supplies and support for their education including uniforms and writing materials. In addition, the Passion Center is building the family a new house so that they can live in a very safe place. 

Esther, the only girl, wants to have a big farm when she finishes school and be a farmer. Not surprisingly, her favorite subject in school is agriculture. She loves to play netball and eat nsima with beans