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Esther Da.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 14

Gender Female

Educational Status Primary

Esther is the head of The Daysi family: Esther, Jessie, ShakiraCosta, and Idrine (click names to view profiles). Their mother and father divorced many years ago and her mother remarried, but neither fathers are apart of their lives. In December 2020, their lives took another heartwrenching turn as their mother suddenly passed away after giving birth to their sister, Idrine. The baby's birth came suddenly, and sadly, they were unable to make it to the hospital in time. The children are now living with their grandparents who are older and rely solely on piece works for support, and baby Idrine is staying with and being cared for by their aunt.

Esther is 14-years-old and is in Standard 4. Her favorite subjects are Chichewa and Math. She loves to play netball and dreams of becoming a nurse so that she will be able to take care of her siblings and provide for them. She also sings in the choir at her church!

Esther with her siblings, Jessie, Shakira, and Costa, along with her grandparents on the day of assessment

Esther with her sister, Shakira, and brother Costa on the day they received the news that they are in the program

Esther with the Child Headed staff, Stuart Banda and Hlekiwe.