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Ellen - Sponsor Now


Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 4

Gender Female

Educational Status Not Enrolled

Ellen is a member of the Masiku family: WillardJohn, Juliyasi, Ellen, and Vanessa (click names to view profiles). Their parents separated and their mother moved with her 4 youngest children back to her mother’s house. Sadly, their father returned with unknown intentions and killed their mother. She left behind 5 children the youngest being only 10 months old at the time. Less than a week later, their father was found and villagers carried out vigilante justice and killed him, leaving the 5 children as orphans. The grandmother of these children lives alone and is now the primary caregiver of her 5 of her grandchildren (1 from her first late daughter and 4 from the last) and she has no means of income except for piece works, which is not enough to support a family of 6.


 Ellen is too young for school but loves playing with dolls and eating nsima with eggs.