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Donex K.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 0

Gender Male

Donex was born on February 26, 2021. Upon assessment, his weight was 4.5kgs, indicating he is severely malnourished for his age. Donex’s mother died shortly after giving birth, and his maternal aunt cares for him and his two siblings in addition to caring for three children of her own. She has no form of income or business to support her family. Donex has no reported health issues, but his aunt finds it challenging to buy formula for him.

September Update: Donex

Published Tue, Oct 12, 21. Written by Beth Emery.

In the month of September, Donex weighed in at 4.5 kgs (9.9 lbs.). This weight puts him in the 1st percentile for weight indicating he is severely underweight for his age. Donex’s Aunt reported he’s had a cold on and off during the month of September.