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Deborah S

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 13

Gender Female

Program Type CHH Siblings

Educational Status Primary

Deborah is the youngest of three in her family.

They lost their mother in 2007. The father abandoned them when the mother died. They live in a house made of reeds and grass and don't have enough bedding to keep them warm at night. Because of the rains that came through in 2019, they were forced to stay with their grandmother in her small house. The grandmother had 11 family members sleeping in the small house at night. Passion Center identified this great need and with the help of supporters, they were able to build them a new house where the kids can get a fresh start and be kept safe at night.

Deborah wants to be a teacher when she finishes school. Her favorite subject is math and she loves to eat rice with beef.

The Severe family (February 2021) Deborah, Raphael, and Mathias

Deborah, age 13 (February 2021)

Deborah, age 13 (February 2021)

brother Raphael, age 17 (February 2021)

brother Mathias, age 15 (February 2021)