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Callista M.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 13

Gender Female

Educational Status Primary

The family has 5 children: Kelven (21), Callista (13), Maggie (10), Beatrice (6), and Alex (3)

Kelven was left to raise his 4 younger siblings, when their mother passed away after giving birth to Alex. Their father abandoned the family leaving Kelven as the head of the house. Kelven stepped into his role of fatherhood very quickly and does the best that he can. While the others are at school, Kelven finds work so that he can provide food for all of them. 

The Muhapala family (February 2021) Top: Callista and Kelvin Middle: Maggie Front: Beatrice and Alex

Callista, age 13 (February 2021)

Kelven, age 21 (February 2021)

Maggie, age 10 (February 2021)

Beatrice, age 6 (February 2021)

Alex, age 3 (February 2021)