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Site Passion Center Jali

Age 9

Gender Male

Educational Status Primary

Bright lost both his parents in 2015 and was left with his 3 siblings. His oldest brother was already married and had no interest in taking in his younger siblings. Bright and his other 2 siblings were left to beg for food and money to survive. Passion Center found them in 2017 and began to support them as a child-headed home and provide them with food and other support. Once they began receiving the support, other family became interested in them because they also wanted to benefit from the food. This eventually led to such an issue that his older sister, Liviness (click name to view profile), left to move in with her granny and she is now being supported in the village program where she comes to Passion Center to eat.

Bright dreams of being a driver when he finishes school. He enjoys playing soccer and building toys. His favorite food is nsima with beef. His favorite color is black.