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Bernadetta (Scholarship)

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 20

Gender Female

Educational Status College/ University

Bernadetta is 20 years old. Her father died in 2004 leaving her and her 4 sisters in the care of their mother. Her mother started struggling to provide for the children and properly support their education. The situation left Bernadetta more vulnerable such that she could miss classes which was affecting her performance negatively. In the same year, Bernadetta was admitted into the Passion Center residency program. This changed the trajectory of her life. With the support and care she was receiving, Benardetta started to have hope for a better future. In 2018 she wrote her Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) final exams and passed with good grades which qualifies her to go to college. She has since been enrolled to study for a Bachelor of Education degree in Humanities at Nkhoma University in Lilongwe. Going to college means a lot for Bernadetta. It’s a dream come true. She is very excited for this opportunity and she thankful to her sponsors for their support this far. In her own words, Bernadetta says, "I want to thank my sponsors for the support they have given me from Primary School up to now. May God bless you and I will pray for you every day".