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Tiyanjane U

Site Passion Center Jali

Age 8

Gender Female

Tiyanjane lost her father in 2018. She is supported by her mother and grandmother. Her mother sells Thobwa (a traditional Malawian drink) for a living, and her grandmother sells the maize she harvests from her small field, but it is often not enough to support the four children.

Tiyanjane loves going to school, even if it means attending classes on an empty stomach. At home, she usually helps her granny with house chores and cooks. At school, she enjoys learning Chichewa and Mathematics to the point that she continues to solve math problems when she gets home. She also enjoys playing games with her friends. Tiyanjane is a proactive and responsible girl who dreams of becoming a nurse!



Tiyanjane, age 8, February 2023

Tiyanjane and her grandmother, February 2023