Passion Center for Children

Norah - Sponsor Now


Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 14

Gender Female

Educational Status Primary

Norah lost her mother to suicide when she was 4 years old. The father abondoned her and her sister and remarried. When their mother died, the family tore down the house that their parents left for them due to the negativity associated with it. They now live with their aunt who has multiple children of her own to care for. They mostly eat once per day. The aunt isn't able to pay school fees for the girls, so they were sent home. When Passion Center arrived to do the assessment, the aunt was in the middle of doing "school" for the girls, she has been teaching them on her own since she is unable to send them. She was grateful that Passion Center has come to help, she never imagined that anyone would step in to help them. 






Norah, age 14. Photo taken during food deliveries. (March 2021)