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Linley S.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 15

Gender Female

Linley is the third child in a family of five children (Beauty, Alinafe, Brian, and George, and Wycliff, her nephew). Her father died in 2016, and her mother in 2018, leaving her eldest sister as the head of the household. Without an income, the family struggles to find food. Enrolling Linley and her family in the Child Headed Household program will allow them to receive the support they need by providing food and, most importantly, giving them the hope found in Jesus Christ alone.


Alinafe, age 14. March 2021

Beauty, age 17. March 2021

George, age 3. March 2021

Linley, age 14. March 2021

Segula family. March 2021

Wycliff, age 2. March 2021