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Chancy M.

Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 16

Gender Male

Chancy is the last born in a family of three children. His parents got divorced when he was about 3 or 4 years old. Later, both parents got remarried. The kids started living with their mum and her new husband. In 2022, Chancy’s mum got divorced again and went into severe mental depression as a result. Consequently, she was institutionalized at Zomba Mental Hospital. She has since been discharged and is on medication under the care of distant relatives in a different district. In the absence of his mother, Chancy started living with his brother Peter, who is a second-year student in college, relying on a government grant for his tertiary education. The situation forced Chancy to drop out of school, and he missed two school terms.

Alerted of Chancy’s predicament, the government, through the Office of Social Welfare, did an assessment, which concluded that Chancy needed urgent care and protection in fulfillment of his rights as a child. In light of the partnership between Passion Center and the Zomba Social Welfare office, Chancy has been admitted into our Residency program, where he will be provided with food, shelter, education, and spiritual support.

Chancy dreams of becoming a soldier as he wants to protect the nation of Malawi. His biggest dream, however, is to make it in life and build his mum a house, and buy her a car. At school, he enjoys learning Science and Chichewa. When free, he likes drawing, dancing, and playing soccer as an attacking midfielder. Chancy has a Muslim background, but he has decided to join Mulunguzi Community Church. He likes interacting with his peers and joking around.