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Site Passion Center Namikango

Age 8

Gender Male

Program Type Champs Mobile

Disability Spina Bifida, Clubbed feet

Witness was born with spina bifida and clubbed feet. He is 7 years old and loves to play soccer. Both the spina bifida and clubed feet were corrected through surgery while he was still very young. However, there are some lasting effects that continue to cause him issues. He walks and runs in an unbalanced way and tends to fall down a lot due to this issue. He also has very little sensation in his toes, this combined with the fact that he enjoys playing soccer so much has caused many toe injuries to go untreated. He has lost two toes to infections and when we met him was very close to losing a third and fourth toe. He is now recovering from his toe injuries and we have bought him shoes to wear so that he will be able to play soccer in the future and not worry about losing more toes.