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Site Passion Center Mulunguzi

Age 14

Gender Male

Educational Status Primary

The family has 2 boys, Durana and Texcious. Their mother passed on a long time ago and since then the boys have been staying with their grandmother who struggled to meet their needs. They have been lacking school support, food, clothes and blankets to cover them during the cold nights.


Texcious, the younger of the boys, wants to be a doctor when he grows up. In his free time, Texcious loves to fix broken radios. His favorite subject in school is science and his favorite food is nsima with eggs.

Masapula family (February 2021) Texcious and Durana

Durana, age 17 (February 2021)

Texcious, age 14 (February 2021)

Texcious, age 14 (February 2021)