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Shamila M.

Greatest Need

Site Passion Center Jali

Age 5

Gender Female

Program Type Champs Mobile

Shamila is a young girl with cerebral palsy and developmental delays. When Shamila was born, she was not breathing and was put on oxygen. After 5 days, she went into a coma. When she came out of it, the doctors did not say anything to her mother except to teach her how to breastfeed. 

Shamila is malnourished and cannot sit up or hold her head up well. We are currently working on stretching out her limbs and playing with her to develop attention and focus.


May Update: Shamila

Published Wed, Jun 09, 21. Written by Holly King.

We recently saw Shamila during our champs mobile visits in May with her mother. She is doing well. We were happy to see her and encourage her mother with the word of God. Shamila also received a food package during the month of May and weighed in at 9.75 kg (21.45 lbs), she gained .55kg this month, but she is still severely underweight for her age. Shamila and her mother are part of the Poultry and Backyard Gardening project and we know that this will be a great blessing to them and we hope that soon she will be eating more each day.


Shamila, age 4 (February 2021)